Massage Modalities

Neuromuscular Therapy: Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is an extremely effective bodywork technique where the therapist applies sustained finger pressure to alleviate chronic tension as well as those stubborn "knots" we experience.

A trigger point is an ischemic (bloodless) nodule within a tight band of muscle which is often accompanied by referred pain or sensation and is associated with myofascial dysfunction and restricted motion.  The area of the trigger point is often involved where stimulation of a nerve initiates a contraction in a small sensitive bundle of muscle fibers and, in turn, activates the entire muscle. 

Oftentimes trigger points are addressed with sustained pressure and after releasing this pressure, blood, oxygen and nutrients rush into the area, allowing the return to normal functioning muscle tissue. 

Through the application of MET's and other positional release techniques, relief of these painful and restrictive trigger points can also be attained.