Massage Modalities

Sports Massage

Sports massage is gaining popularity with athletes of every kind—from world class professionals to weekend warriors—as a useful component in a balanced training regimen.

Focusing on particulars specific to the sport, sports massage can be used pre or post event, to either stimulate and warm (prior to an event) or repair and restore (after an event).

A wide variety of bodywork techniques are typically applied during sports massages, with a focus on movement, flushing and stretching.

The athletic advantages to incorporating massage

Athletes have discovered massage complements their conditioning programs by decreasing injury potential and enhancing athletic performances.

Massage optimizes performance factors including increased endurance, soft tissue healing thus speeding recovery time, promoting healthy muscle and connective tissues, as well as improving flexibility which in turn improves range of motion and creates more fluid and pain free movement.

Not only does massage and bodywork help the physical body to prepare for and compete at its absolute best, they also support the emotional side of athletic competition.

In competition with others or just with one's self, combating staleness, low energy, and high anxiety, can bring mental calm and alertness all the while helping focus and concentration, thereby improving the "mental game".